One in five Africans is Nigerian and although it has the largest economy in Africa, around 100 million Nigerians continue to live in poverty. Reducing poverty is a government priority.

The Nigeria economy has been growing at about 6-7% over the last few years, and most of this growth has come from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which contribute over 45% of the GDP, and employ about seven in ten working people. However, these businesses need loans to grow and only 3% of the funding needs of these MSMEs are met by the formal financial sector in the country.

That’s why AGI supported the establishment of the Development Bank of Nigeria, and was responsible for coordinating all the activities required for the successful launch of the bank earlier this year.  This builds on previous AGI support to bolster the efficiency of the EMIT secretariat, introducing the previous government’s Transformation Agenda’s reforms.

Small and medium size businesses drive the economy in Nigeria - providing funding to them will help the economy and create jobs
Tunde Ladipo, Former AGI Nigeria Country Head


There are millions of small business owners in Nigeria, who struggle to get loans to expand their businesses. But that might be about to change.
The Nigerian government has launched a National Development Bank, set to fund 200,000 small businesses in its first year.


Twenty thousand small businesses to benefit from Development Bank of Nigeria's loans in first year.


The railway from Kano to Lagos, an important commercial corridor, has been repaired.

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The Nigerian government has launched a National Development Bank, set to fund 200,000 small businesses in its first year.
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