Despite its vast natural and mineral resources, Guinea remains one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2010 Professor Alpha Condé, a lifelong democratic activist, was elected President. This first step towards democracy was hailed by the Guinean people as an opportunity for the country to reverse its fortunes. But as President Condé put it himself “I inherited a country but I did not inherit a state”.

Since AGI started to work in Guinea in 2011, the overall goal of the project has been to support the President to deliver the priority public infrastructures and policies needed to set his country on track for economic growth and poverty reduction. AGI continues to fund work at the centre of government and in the large project delivery unit, to help them deliver their priorities.

We have supported  several successful projects, including the dam which will double energy capacity in Guinea, 9,000 solar powered street lights nationwide, and a youth centre in Conakry. More recently, we have made an important contribution to supporting better coordination during the Ebola response and helping to foster cross-border surveillance.

The first thing that Tony Blair brings is his expertise; second, the experts who he has put at our disposal; third, he helps us see that it’s not enough just to define priorities, we need timetables to deliver them.
President Alpha Condé


Kaleta dam to double Guinea's energy capacity, allowing the country's power supply to meet the consumer demand for the first time in many years.
AGI have worked shoulder to shoulder with the government of Guinea to contain the Ebola epidemic
Conakry's new 'Blue Zone' centre provides space for young people to play sports, access the internet and develop their skills for the future.


Nine thousand solar powered street lights are using green energy to make roads safer at night.

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Kaleta dam will double the energy capacity in Guinea, lighting the homes of many Guineans for the first time.


Ten thousand young people signed up to the libraries, sports fields and computers of the Blue Zone centre during its first year.

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Sep 2015


We have a High Commendation for the Big impact Award this year going to @tonyblair_agi. Nice work! #TSAwards

24th September 2015

Jul 2015


We're proud to have been shortlisted for Breakthrough of the Year for our work on Ebola by @TSEawards. More here:

29th July 2015
Speaking in New York at an event organised by AGI-US and moderated by Jeffrey Sachs last week, President Condé gave an insight into the challenges facing Guinea as it seeks to end the Ebola epidemic and outlined the government's plans for recovery.
13th July 2015
See inside the heart of the Ebola response and find out what lessons we learned while supporting the governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to manage the crisis.
10th July 2015

Jun 2015


Lessons from Ebola - Part 5: Be flexible

17th June 2015

Working through government paid off during #Ebola outbreak, some lessons from @cblatts @WorldBankAfrica #globaldev

16th June 2015

Lessons from Ebola: 4 - This is not OUR response

15th June 2015

Lessons from Ebola: 3 - Get the systems right

14th June 2015

Lessons from Ebola: 2 - Don’t go it alone

13th June 2015

Who are these people & what do they do? @independent take a trip with @tonyblairoffice to look at AGI’s work on Ebola

13th June 2015

Lessons from Ebola: 1 - Political leadership is key

12th June 2015

Lessons from Ebola - Part 6: Understand the culture and context

12th June 2015

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