The Ebola outbreak in West Africa shocked us all. When the crisis broke out we had worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea for years, but we had never worked in a crisis before. All three governments asked for our support on this, so by December 2014 one third of our 50-person organisation was working on the Ebola response.

We have worked on different things as the disease and the response took different paths in different countries. From working with the Presidents and their top advisors directly in each of the three countries, to supporting technical areas like social mobilisation in Liberia and data systems in Sierra Leone, to the setup and management of different coordination bodies, such as the National Ebola Response Centre in Sierra Leone and the Incident Management System in Liberia.

We continue to support the governments of Sierra Leone and Guinea to ensure that their economies and societies can recover.  

AGI were there in the trenches... when everybody was packing up and leaving
OB Sisay - Director of Situation Room, Sierra Leone Ebola Response

AGI In Action

Sep 2015


Find out where AGI worked across the #EbolaResponse in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea #TSEAwards t.co/RN4Wtaj2TW

24th September 2015
AGI was specially commended at the Third Sector awards for our work on Ebola. Find out more about our work and the awards here.
24th September 2015

#Ebola treatment centres reopening as schools in Liberia, @Eboladeeply #globaldev t.co/YOUclPdNh4 t.co/9XXzL3GVIC

14th September 2015

Aug 2015


Joy as 42 day countdown began in Sierra Leone and last #Ebola patient discharged, @lisaocarroll @GdnDevelopment t.co/OuTMSJtYn3

25th August 2015

"People are really happy" says OB Sisay in Sierra Leone, as @WHO reports no new Ebola cases last week @BBCAfrica, t.co/4UieTt9Yh1

18th August 2015

Jul 2015


We're proud to have been shortlisted for Breakthrough of the Year for our work on Ebola by @TSEawards. More here: t.co/B769OL2Fsr

29th July 2015
See inside the heart of the Ebola response and find out what lessons we learned while supporting the governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to manage the crisis.
10th July 2015

Jun 2015

The Ebola crisis is not yet over. Low case numbers still remain in Sierra Leone and Guinea, which must be brought to and kept at zero before these countries can truly move on. AGI’s teams have continued to work on the Ebola response in all three countries throughout 2014-2015 and are continuing to support the response in Sierra Leone and Guinea.
30th June 2015

Watch @UNMEER Chief Peter Graaff explain in 60 seconds why better decision-making helped beat Ebola: t.co/Hu48nU3qBh #ebolaresponse

29th June 2015

What does it take to get to zero new #Ebola cases? Lessons form #Liberia. @PNUDGuinee @UNDPSierraLeone @UNDPLiberia t.co/KkI40aU5rj

29th June 2015

More NCIS than Grey's Anatomy - @dyhmowit for @Eboladeeply on the last mile of the Ebola fight in W.Africa . t.co/VnznvqOw7d

26th June 2015
The leaders of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have played a crucial role in fighting the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. State of Emergency: how government fought Ebola, a new report from AGI, looks at the challenges faced by the people at the heart of the response in these three countries, and how they have overcome them.
25th June 2015