Nick Thompson


Chief Executive Officer

Nick Thompson is CEO of the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI), working to achieve AGI’s mission to make government work for the world’s poorest people. He leads all of our work in Africa and the rest of the world and makes the case for effective government as the factor that will enable African countries to achieve transformative change and move beyond aid. Nick is accountable to the AGI Board of Trustees.

Nick has been part of the AGI story from the beginning and has worked across the leadership team as Director of Projects 2009-11 and as AGI’s first Chief Operating Officer from 2011-2012 before being appointed as CEO in 2013. Nick led our early work in Freetown, Sierra Leone and set up the programmes in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi and Liberia.

His early career was in the UK civil service, advising Ministers on a range of policy areas including energy, climate change, employment and EU issues and working in the Department for Business, Cabinet Office, Ofgem and UK Permanent Representation to the EU.