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Governance Advisor - Energy

Deadline: 31st December 2016

AGI is seeking exceptional individuals for Energy Advisor positons across Africa, to join us in supporting our partner governments and power sector leaders to plan, implement and finance the critical reforms needed to electrify the continent.


The AGI Mission

Over a billion people in Africa need their governments to provide basic public services such as hospitals, schools, sanitation, employment opportunities and much more. When governments fail to deliver, it’s the poor that suffer most. That’s why AGI’s mission is to support effective government in Africa - to make government work for the world’s poorest people.

To achieve this vision, we provide practical advice and support to help African Leaders bridge the gap between their vision for a better future and the capacity of their governments to achieve it. In the last year, this has included helping to end Ebola in West Africa, supporting the set-up of the Development Bank of Nigeria, and reforms in Rwanda that will increase farmers’ incomes and exports.

Our model combines the experience of AGI’s founder and Patron, Tony Blair, with on-the-ground teams of professionals working shoulder-to-shoulder with counterparts in the heart of partner governments to develop capacity and put in place the skills, systems and structures needed to drive delivery on the ground. Currently, AGI is working to support the governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria.

AGI’s Power Advisory work

Access to reliable and affordable electricity is essential for development, though more than half of sub-Saharan Africa is still in the dark. Small businesses can’t grow, children struggle to do their homework at night and hospitals are unable to provide basic health care services.  To deliver long-awaited gains and improvements in energy access, African governments need to affect change across the entire energy value chain – from preparing and implementing bankable new generation projects, to ensuring crucial transmission network upgrades to previously-unconnected rural areas. At the same time, the entire sector needs to be underpinned by thorough and transparent financial planning and governed by capable government entities and agencies, which make the best possible use of new forms of private sector and development assistance.

Through embedding our energy advisors in key power sector agencies – from Ministries to procurement agencies and utilities – AGI works alongside government partners to help address many of these fundamental challenges. We’ve worked alongside power sector leaders to build new ways to draw on external expertise and financing (including opening the sector up to Independent Power Producers and securing concessional finance). Our Energy Advisors have helped to improve sector regulation, enhance overall financial viability, and address performance management capacity of the national utility. By engaging with government in this way, AGI’s Energy Advisors help to build a legacy of capacity (in skills, systems and approaches) so that our partner governments develop future capability to plan and deliver future power reform programmes. We seek to provide support at the nexus between the technical and the political aspects of power sector reform, while bringing an integrated approach to our work that builds on our relationships with key stakeholders and reformers across ministries and at the center of government.

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Our Values

We work on complex issues in dynamic and uncertain contexts. When things are changing fast and we need to make decisions it is our values that guide us. We strive to be:

Government led
Because Africa’s future lies in the hands of Africa’s leaders and its people
Focused on impact
Because making government more effective improves the lives of the poorest people
Politically savvy
Because reform is always political and only knowing the technical answer is not enough
Because we are most effective when we are trusted enough to challenge as well as to support our partner governments
Because in unpredictable environments you need the courage and flexibility to take risks
We share a relentless belief in Africa’s potential. We believe that change is always possible and problems can be overcome