Tony Blair visits Kenya for AGI

2nd August 2015

Last week, Tony Blair visited Kenya as part of his latest trip to several AGI partner countries.

During the visit, Mr Blair met with President Kenyatta and his aides to discuss Kenya’s progress and plans for expanding the scope of AGI’s support to the government. To date, AGI has been supporting the Office of President to set up a new delivery unit to drive the implementation of the development and infrastructure projects most critical to Kenya’s progress. The President and Mr Blair discussed additional areas of support that the AGI team could give to help strengthen other critical functions of the centre of government.

Mr Blair also spoke to a gathering of business leaders and members of the international community at Nairobi’s Capital Club, focusing on the importance of good governance for promoting sustainable investment in African countries.

Good governance is not just about ensuring that governments are transparent and accountable, Mr Blair said, but is also about government effectiveness, without which it’s impossible to deliver progress on the complex development needs of their countries. He highlighted Kenya’s huge potential saying that if the country can increase government effectiveness and address the barriers that are currently hindering private sector growth an inward investment, it will be a real power house not just regionally, but globally.

Mr Blair also spoke about his experiences of supporting other leaders and drew on AGI’s work helping African governments to deliver their development priorities, including our partnership with the Government of Kenya.


Photo: Jonathan Stonehouse