AGI commended for work on Ebola

24th September 2015

AGI was specially commended at the Third Sector awards for our work on Ebola. This recognizes the work of our staff and their partners in the governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, who have worked tirelessly to get on top of the Ebola outbreak which has threatened West Africa since March 2014.

AGI’s teams supported our partner governments to stop the outbreak by helping to:

  • Coordinate the large-scale national responses required in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea
  • Set up the systems of data collection needed to track the spread of the disease and to make sure that ambulances and supplies got to where they were needed most
  • Do the detective work that was needed to get to zero cases in several districts

“We saw in the Ebola crisis that effective government was essential to bringing the epidemic under control” said Nick Thompson, AGI’s CEO. “That is also true when faced with everyday challenges - like building roads, job creation and bringing light to people’s homes. That’s why our mission in AGI is to make government work for the world’s poorest people; and I am delighted at this recognition of the fantastic work of our staff and government partners.”

To find out more about why AGI supports African governments watch this video

To find out more about AGI’s work on Ebola, watch this video or read our report.